Skin Problems – Aging


Every skin will age. That is a reality we may not be happy about it. Two main factors contribute to how your skin ages. Firstly, genetics, which play a role in chronological aging. You can thank your parents for how well your skin holds up to the test of time. The second is the environmental exposures your skin has had. Sun exposure and tobacco use are the two environmental conditions that cause the most aging. You are solely responsible for this part of the aging process.

Over time, the skin starts to lose its firmness and elasticity. This is because the collagen and elastin found in the dermis decrease as we get older. This leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. In fact, the skin produces less sebum, so it becomes drier. The epidermis becomes thinner, so the skin may take on a papery appearance and underlying blood vessels become more apparent. A loss of the fat under the skin gives the face a more hollow appearance.

Your facial skincare needs may change over the seasons. For instance, you may have dry skin in the winter and normal skin in the summer. Or you may have normal skin in your 30s and 40s but then it may become drier in your 50s. This means, that you will need to reassess your skin type and your skin’s needs both seasonally and as you get older. Your skincare product use should change as your skin changes.

What are you willing to do in order to maintain your beauty appearance? Some people want to stay stick to the basics, while others want to go all out. Here are the do’s and don’ts of what works to slow or reverse the appearance of aging. You may decide based on your own desires, comfort level and budget to help you choose what’s right for you.

·        Protect your skin from the sun every day using hats, protective clothing, and sunscreen.

·        Stop smoking. If you are not a smoker, do not start.

·        Develop and maintain a daily routine that includes morning and evening skin care.

·        Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.

·        Eat a diet rich in antioxidants, including fruits like berries, grapes, and tomatoes and vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and carrots.

·        Make sure that you’re getting enough vitamin D from food sources or take a supplement.


·        Find a gentle, effective cleanser that is not irritating.

·        Treat skin problems promptly.

·        Moisturize as needed.

·        Wear sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection, with at least SPF 50.

·        Retinoids including tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene are proven to improve the quality of the skin by thickening it, increasing collagen production, and smoothing the surface. Ask your doctor if a prescription is appropriate for you.


·        Chemical peels even the colour of the skin and smooth its surface.

·        Botox injections freeze the wrinkles that come from facial expression.

·        Dermal fillers correct deep wrinkles.

·        Laser treatments even the texture and colour of the skin and can provide skin tightening.

·        Blepharoplasty will give your eyes a rested and refreshed look.

·        Face lift is still the gold standard for the most dramatic removal of wrinkles and sagging skin.

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