Deep & Glow Exfoliator

deep & glow exfoliator

zero dead skin cell

Hibiscus Sabdariffa

·        Hibiscus, a magical reputation for boosting skin elasticity to give a stunning natural youth look.
·        Helps to speed up skin cells turnover, resulting in even looking skin tone.
·        Natural acid present in Hibiscus, help to purify our skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cells turnover, it can help to control acne breakouts.

Butylene Glycol

·        A type of conditioning agent, humectant.
·        Add a layer of softness and improve texture of skin.

Shea Butter

·        It is used for moisturizing effects.
·        It can restore the barrier between our skin and outdoor environment, which can hold the moisture and reduce the risk of dryness.


·        Can help to distribute and suspend insoluble into liquid and prevent the oil and liquid in a solution from separating.

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