Brightening Oil Cleanser

brightening oil cleanser

Makeup melts away, pore luminous

Capric/ Caprylic Triglyceride

Made from a breakdown of fatty acids / coconut oil with the result. An anti-oxidant, preserving the usefulness of the ingredients for use. Provides moisture to the skin by providing protection to maintain the quality of moisture and softness of the skin.

Castor Seed Oil

Contains anti-oxidant properties to cleanse free radicals from the skin, which are free radicals that cause aging. Has anti-inflammatory properties, can help to reduce skin irritation or dullness.

Calendula Officinalis

It has anti-inflammatory properties, to reduce inflammation and to help skin repair.
 Stimulates the production of skin collagen to reduce dry skin. Friendly and suitable for all skin types including sensitive.

Sunflower Seed oil

Rich in Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant helps protect skin cells to maintain long-term hydration and moisture.
 Rich in Linoleic Acid, Omega 6 helps reduce inflammation and promotes the development of new skin cells.
 Not ‘comedogenic’, it is an effective absorption and does not cause clogged pores.

Soybean Oil

Contains protein, to prevent the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin to keep skin soft, supple and wrinkle-free.
 Contains lecithin, to maintain skin elasticity and prevent premature aging of skin such as sagging skin.

Grape Seed Oil

It is found to contain anti-microbial elements, which can remove bacteria from the pores to prevent acne. Improves skin softness and moisture by helping Vitamins E and C from the skin become more effective. Fade scars and black spots.

Rosemary Leaf

Helps and relieves skin from acne scars.
Fade black spots.

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